Each year our staff strives to provide the highest quality learning experience for the students that attend, while making it fun and enjoyable at the same time. Boys State is NOT a boot camp, a sports camp, or a summer vacation. Many students find Boys State to be a life-changing experience.


If you want to attend Boys State, but don't know how, go to this page to get more information on how you can attend Boys State.


If you are already planning to attend Boys State this year, we have some resources available for you to give you a little idea of what to expect when you get to Boys State in June. One of our common sayings at Boys State is "You get out of the program what you put into it". If you work hard and put a lot into the program, not only will you learn about our system of government, but you will also enjoy yourself immensely.

  • Government Position Information - This section contains a lot of information about the Boys State government positions available to you when you attend Boys State. We highly recommend you go through this section and learn about the positions available and the duties required from them.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - These are the answers to some frequently asked questions asked by students and parents about Boys State.
  • What to bring/what not to bring - Here is a list of the items that you should, could, and should not bring to Boys State in June.
  • Printable Materials - Here are some materials that you may find useful such as the Boys State Handbook, a map of the virtual state of Boys State, and more!
  • Scholarships & College Information - Useful Boys State related scholarship and College information